1Hardware: Google Pixel 6

The most secure Android Smartphone today

Titan M2 Security Chip 

Securely generates and Stored Keys, Passwords and Biometrics

Software and Firmware Updates directly from Google

2Base: GrapheneOS

Worlds Most Secure Operating System 

Hardend app runtime 

Stronger app sandbox

Enhanced verified boot

Enhanced hardware based attestation

All Data Encrypted by default

No Cloud = No Data leaves the Device 

3Transport: Wireguard Multi-Hop VPN 

Hides you IP address from the internet services you are using

Hides the online services you are addressing from you ISP


4Communication: Molly / Signal 

Worlds Most secure Messanger 🌎

Default End-to-End Encryption 🔒

The protocol combines the Double Ratchet algorithm, prekeys, and a triple

Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (3-DH) handshake, and uses Curve25519, AES-256, and 

HMAC-SHA256 as primitives.

OpenSource ✅

Independently Audited ✅